Fashion shows  in Paris this week and many new ideas to think about.  Today  on the wall across from my desk I am looking at this beautiful drawing by illustrator Mats Gustafson. It seems that real creativity really comes from

this – the naked body – no references outside of this one element.  Just a body on which to sculpt.Then a shape is created, and so the image grows from there.

Leading to so many different interpretations.

This was a great moment in fashion. For sure  we have not seen clothes like these before.Working in two dimensions as she did,Rei Kawakubo showed once more she is again opening new paths in fashion. So unique and beautiful and, while the vision was purely visionary, the clothes are also wearable.Welcomed by ten minutes of applause, the immediate emotional reaction was relieved by clapping hands.


Walking into the modern building in a Paris business district Balenciaga chose for the presentation,  and being welcomed by “corporate clothing” dressed stewardesses,

 it was unexpected . So  the technical innovations introduced in the fabrics, and  the conceptual new cuttings,  rounded and voluminous in the clothes. Guesquière at his best, always  keeping in mind his vision of the woman, so precisely his.

Faithful to his graphic and rigorous shapes but this time no choreographed show, which has been his signature since he started.  Today just  brilliant fashion.  Oversized coats and jackets, and beautiful linear dresses opening to reveal another layer beneath all worn on perfectly slimmed pants.

 In the beautiful Salons de L’Hotel de Ville, under the chandeliers of theThird Republic reflections of the past glowed in a great color palette not seen for long time of muted hues and elegant lines.


Oversize, large and exuberant shapes are given an unusual interpretation in the new Alaia collection.Here in his studio at the beginning of this week while he works, reflected in the mirror behind, trying an unfinished flattering new coat.