Beginnings, endings and continuings – all have been a part of this week happening far away and close to home here in 10 Corso Como.  A new installation of Kris Ruhs is being placed outside here in Milano and here, inside Milano

I have been most focused on the continuings of my great friendship with the Newtons.

The show of Alice Springs: these are photos I have wanted to exhibit for a very long time – as long as I have known Helmut and his wife June, “Alice Springs” Newton.

I cannot help but think of the four exhibitions we have had for Helmut at the Galleria.

He and June have been supporters of the Galleria’s vision since started and it is such a delight for me to have this exhibition of June’s work.

She who has urged Helmut along his path. Her path is so clearly exciting. Here two pictures in my office, June with friend and Helmut model Jenny Capitain in 1999 and Helmut in 1996.

Alice Springs first photographs were for Gitanes cigarettes. By coincidence, Helmut was ill and Alice went to do the job.  Her career as a photographer for Depeche Mode blossomed and for years, taking portraits she met and be friended people everywhere she would travel.


Many do not realize that the greatest talents have great humor as well,  as it is not always in front of the camera. Here, humor being a part of their life and work, June, Alice Springs, is doing an advertising campaign for Jean Louis David and the “extra” is Helmut dressed as a nun.


A wonderful present from the Helmut Newton Foundation’s director Matthias Harder was this art book by Berlin based artist Brigitte Waldach.

So many levels of meditation in her works, done with fine line drawings and only a deep red pigment on paper to reinforce symbolically her intentions.

Her references to literature and motion pictures seem only a departing point for deeper considerations of space and how we choose to occupy it.

A most controversial artist because of his direct nude photos, he was one of the sweetest and nicest people to work with.  Still working at Vogue I had the pleasure of spending many days working with him in his NY studio.

Everytime I would visit it was surprising the direction he would take the shoot.

Seeing his retrospective now showing at “Forma” here in Milano one can still sense the surprise his work always generates.  Not to be missed.


One of the best fashion illustrators – Antonio Lopez. He worked both in Paris and New York with the great designers Charles James and Largerfeld and so many others. When I was with Vogue we not only worked with some of the best

photographers, but illustrators like Antonio as well and visiting his studio was always interesting. Jerry Hall, Grace Jones and Jessica Lange would become friends and model for him.

Here Pat and Antonio. Pat was the first of the cult of the super models and appeared on the cover of Antonio’s book shown here and she still is an icon forty years later.


How amazing that here is this photograph of three of the most exceptional of all the designers of this century suspended in the light from the 18th century as in a painting.  Azzedine Alaia, Rudi Gernreich and Thierry Mugler whose influence achieved such a high degree of importance changing fashion in ways we only now see – three together in this installation.
A unique moment caught. How can one not love photography?