One new year ends in the Occident and another starts in the Orient!  So many new things happening for 2012 in both the east and the west for us.
This month we started CU@10CC in Milano for the new year and starting in March 15th we open our new spaces in Tokyo with CDG at DSMG, then, on March 30th we open at AvenueL in Seoul – So if this is the Dragon year for good luck and fortune, I hope he visits us while we are getting ready.
See you in Asia!

The lunar new year starts now and all the celebrations to bring wealth and happiness and longevity are starting all over Asia.  This is a special year 2012, it is the dragon year of luck and good fortune. Dragons are found on many beautiful embroidered silks from China but only the emperor could have a dragon with five toes on his robes.

 This year is also called the water dragon year and the magic is that in this year you get back all that you have given.  And since it is true that it is the giving that is always the gift, I give to you all the best wishes for a wonderful dragon year!

“Today is your birthday! Today is my birthday too!”

…the song of the Beatles is a  perfect interpretation of the meaning

of a birthday party – everyone gets to have a wonderful time.

No matter whose birthday it is!



Dinners at Alaia’s kitchen are always a great moment for me in Paris.

People are always surprising Alaia with visits during the shows

and always a dish is ready for them in the most welcoming atmosphere.

Here my sister Franca and her son Francesco enjoy a moment at Alaia’s table.


Another surprising collection by Rei Kawakubo. This season’s menswear show  really underlines her choice in naming her brand Comme des Garcons at the end of the 70’s.

The “Men’s” Collection was not for men, or women for that matter… just an amazing series of shapes that suit both sexes in striking ways.


A grand moment at Milano men’s fashion week with the theatrical environment at Prada’s show. Each show she does is always presented in a surprisingly new installation, this time on a giant red carpet.

Her “Red Carpet” meaning perhaps the end of the tyranny of the black tuxedo

at Oscar night?

With Adrien Brody, Gary Oldman and other great movies stars showing some really delightful new formal wear en situ.



In time for Paris Men’s Fashion Week, 40 original L’uomo Vogue cover pictures went up for auction at Sothebys to raise money for the United Nations, of which Franca Sozzani is the goodwill ambassador for fashion.

The bidding was lively for this good cause with the Francesco Carrozzini picture of Keith Richards reaching the highest bid of the evening.



I am here in Paris trying to send photos from the I Pad to the office and I find this wonderful app!  All color and shape changing – creating a kaleidoscope effect from the ceilings of the office in Paris.
 It takes my mind into hundreds of different directions like the psychedelic 60’s, only now with a button.



It is not a Blade Runner panoramic space but

the new 10 Corso Como at Lotte Avenue L in the middle of construction!  In six weeks we will open to welcome visitors to a 10 Corso Como World – maybe with construction hats with the Corso Como logo?  A lot of work to be done!




It is all in the bag! Not always true, but packaging has such an important meaning.

  At 10 Corso Como, since our package is also our logo and also our name and all designed by Kris Ruhs.

Here is a new interpretation of the 10 Corso Como iconic logo into the packages

for 10 Corso Como at AvenueL opening in Seoul in March 30th.