The best things we do in life are made with love. For the New Year, more love of the challenge to create, to explore, to pioneer and to question. Everything must come from the heart- this love sparks life for me for the New Year.

Photographer Bruce Weber brings so much emotion and thought again in this, his

11th  book from his All American series he publishes every Christmas season.

The poem by Leonard Cohen inside “There is a war”, and the clarity of his photos,

so truthful, of the homecomings of soldiers is a great beginning of the year. And the book ends with Bruce’s essay on “Remembering Elizabeth Taylor” and is particularly touching as a woman who loved life and helped others also.

An inviting cover for a superb book, made with love by perfumer Frederic Malle.

11 years ago his vision as Editeur de Parfums allowed the artistry of the perfumer the freedom to construct new scents without constraint. Each perfumer became a “fragrance author” and Malle their “publisher”. With a preface by Catherine Deneuve and illustrations by Konstantin Kakanias, this book is different

from all others on the subject of scent.

Francesco & Sara: there is a special bond between these cousins – here looking at presents on Christmas Day. They are closer with each other than any other relationship in or out of the family. Always confiding in the other; care.

Best friends with the same blood; and no conflicts.

In an era where recycle-reuse-reinvent has become finally a conscious problem for the whole world, there is a lot of nostalgic feeling for something we will never see again – the naive paper dresses which were so popular in the 60’s. Invented in 1966 by Scott Paper Company as a marketing idea, the classic A style was as popular as t shirts today. Whether they were really made from paper or nonwoven cellulose and paper, they are great souvenirs of disposable dressing! I couldn’t help but be fascinated by this all over pattern of a cat featuring a giant photograph  on this poster dress,and hang on my wall just  in front of my desk.

Warhol was of course immediately attracted! Paper dresses perfectly embodied the spirit of Pop Art. He hand painted himself only two dresses now in the Brooklyn Museum. Scott Paper and Warhol inspired Campbell Soup Company in 1968 to offer the Souper Dress as a promo. This time it was the soup company that made the spoof of Warhol.

Today the Souper Dresses are very collectable .

It is a tradition to start cleaning drawers at the start of the New Year. These red Kuramata rotating drawers are all empty and ready for some new year’s energy. First thing in…the new red packaging designed for the 10 Corso Como opening in AvenueL in Seoul in March.