From London to Milano, the season’s fashion shows have succeeded in setting a tempo full of expectations. While in London, the eye was captured by the beautiful exhibitions at the Tate Modern; back in Milano I especially enjoyed the images at the National Costume show. Ennio Capasa always introduces a piece of art before the start of his fashion presentation. This time the huge owls, the artwork of Alberto Tadiello, were displayed at the show’s entrance. The owl, a symbol of intuition, wisdom, silence, is sacred to Athena. Here, the ancient Greek emblem of the strength of the feminine welcomes the Italian Fashion week.



It was a silent moment of nostalgia to see the robot displayed at the Tate Modern.
A wonderful person, Nam June Paik had become a very good friend through an introduction by Holly Solomon in the early 80’s in New York.
Sadly, both are gone.



Here, an iconic image by Norman Parkinson, 1961. They are the three little black dresses by Roberto Capucci. An unforgettable image of elegance and beauty to announce the return of one of the biggest Italian designers of our time.


David Bailey, Catherine Deneuve

I was so happy to see David Bailey in Milano at the Pac with a magnificent show, We have been friends through work since the 1970’s and shared wonderful stories at dinner with friends while he was in town. Here, a sweet and so very beautiful portrait of Catherine Deneuve taken by Bailey in 1967, they had married in 1965.



Soft colors, strong shapes, pop and sweet. Miuccia Parada’s contrasts are always the best moments of Italian Fashion week.



Every season is a balance of futuristic and retro, the ups and downs of fashion.
I often go back in time and memories.
Here, a coat with giant circles of wool that has
both aspects in it, by Pierre Cardin, 1987.
This is even more surprising today.

Posted on: Sunday, March 1st, 2015