A beautiful Sunday afternoon in solitude at the Tate Modern. Perhaps I should have been attending the fashion shows, there have been some interesting ideas to see in London this season, but the possibility of seeing Italian photography will always win my attention. Thinking of the future “Futurism” exhibition now being prepared for the 25th anniversary of the Galleria, I had to see this Italian Modernist Photography show on exhibit here.Presenting some of the most innovative movements of Italian photography from the late 30’s to the early 60’s. Here, Giuseppe Cavalli, a key figure in Italian photography and co-founder of La Bussola with Veronesi in 1947.


“Light is the shape and play of my thought…my reason for being a photographer”. Barbara Morgan abandoned painting in favor of photography. One of the early members of the “Photo League” in New York, known more for her pictures of modern dancers, she was co-founder of “Aperture” magazine.   Here, a photo from 1940, “Pure Energy and Neurotic Man”. She created light drawings with her camera in her studio. About them she said, “I decided to pay my respects to light”.



Painting with light was the departing point for Albanian photographer Gjon Mili. Here, a photo from the early 40’s showing the fluid beauty of his time lapse images.



While working for Life Magazine, Mili photographed great artists at work.
Here, Picasso draws with light.



  In 1949 Mili photographed Matisse drawing a light painting image.
He observed,” I love the idea that these originals existed only
in space and only for the moment”.

scritta MAN RAY[1]

One of the many works of Man Ray based off his signature.
Here, self-portraits decorated with lights curls with his signature “Man Ray”,
a light painter using letters, painting with lights.

     6    MAN RAY

Man Ray was always experimenting with different photographic techniques and on several occasions worked with a “light pen” or “light brush”.
Here another of his self portraits.


A founding member of the “Bussola” group, Luigi Veronesi was a master of light.
Here, Kinetic Study, 1941.
One of his works now on show at the Tate Modern.

Posted on: Sunday, February 22nd, 2015