The week’s excitement has been so much talk about punk, and black, and music, and
fashion because of the gala exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum in NY.
Looking at the books, and sitting quietly  reading

about the clothes on display,  and somehow trying to
understand how the movement happened.  As with almost everything, it had its reasons planted in the past and grew quickly to its future.
And the news of Tai Missoni came this week.  And I remember his quote on
black, “black is the mother of all colors” he would say.

And he was the master of colors.

In London in 1971 Malcolm McLaren opened a small shop in Kings Road, selling rock and roll vinyl records and clothes from the 50’s . Vivienne Westwood, his girlfriend, started designing  some clothes and T-shirts… the shop was called “Too fast to live, too young to die” and later became SEX. And the original members of the SEX PISTOLS were their customers.

Today this is history and Vivienne is the symbol of punk fashion.

Influenced by the whole punk week, it seemed natural to do our own interpretation here at 10 Corso Como… mannequins wore Alaia’s wonderful python skirts and belts, Balenciaga T-shirts,  and Kris Ruhs body jewels.

A couture vision of a new punk for the 21st century.

We all know and recognize that the punk movement started

in London.  But its symbol, the safety pin,

was invented in America in 1849.  It is disputed
who actually introduced it to punk fashion, but surely John
Lyndon (known by his nickname Johnny Rotten) used them to hold his pants
together.  One of the founders of the punk movement

in the late’70’s he was certainly one of
the most recognizable musicians of the punk era.

In 1994 Gianni Versace created a whole punk collection, Richard Avedon shot the advertising campaign, and the catalogue for it, is now a collector’s item.  This bag is an example of pure Versace, a designer I always highly admired. Daring – he knew the meaning of the word. He was always daring in his life and his creations.

Soo, the Catwoman was a  punk model, an icon of the time! Sorry, being that I have three cats, I am always happy to see stories of them.
Here is the famous picture by Ray Stevenson that was in all the magazines,  and now must be included in any book about the start of the punk movement.

In the mid sixties while the punk movement hardly existed and would eventually   bring all of us into wearing black and camouflage colors, Tai Missoni was presenting these smart designs that would later evolve into the vibrant color palettes for which he would become globally famous.  An influential reference then,

and for the fashion world for over forty years.

His colors were  as vivid as his  imagination.
Nobody ever, before or since, had his eye for mixing colors that did not belong together but worked perfectly. Here a dress from the early 70’s and a pin  with flowers.
Happiness and optimism abounding.

Peter Max was born in Berlin.  His images became the voice of the
counterculture of the 1960’s with a bright palette and gentle images.  So
much so that his serious body of work including painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, video today is recognized as an icon of American 60’s and 70’s design movement.
Here a silk scarf from 1960’s with his typical bright psychadelic palette of colours.


Pop artist Peter Max’s tennis shoes from the late 60’s.

Max made a series of artistic sneakers for Randy Co,

really so incredibly vivid and modern, they seem made for right now.

Posted on: Sunday, May 12th, 2013

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