In the midst of my work I realized that this week has been one of nostalgia.

Reflecting on the past can bring on a bit of melancholy but it also fires

the re-emergence of aesthetics and this week surely we have seen that.

Introducing here Maison Courreges, the beautiful Whitman poem that Oliviero Toscani read to honor Elio Fiorucci and of course the sad news today

of the legend Whitney Houston.

So many years I have been following his work and his multi-talented skills, but always happy to be surprised by his different inspirations.

Multi-talented artist, a painter and a sculptor, that has worked with

Comme des Garçons to great delight many many seasons, in magazines and for many famous designers. Julien d’Ys is hosted on the Metropolitan Museum site

for his work on The Model As Muse: Embodying Fashion he worked on in 2009.

Having also worked with the Met on Anglomania and Super Hero shows there,

d’Ys amazingly fanciful wigs always draw gasps of wonder.


Kris Ruhs will have another in his series of installation sculptures outside

of the 10 Corso Como Milano building installed next week.

Here in the studio today the seven Totems in process are already

taking wonderful shapes.

Courrèges himself said: “we work for today to create tomorrow’s style”.

He thought the world was aging in 1965 and he sketched a look so radical

that he started a revolution. Spare dresses worn 4 inches above

the knees with flat white boots.

10 Corso Como hosts now a celebration for Courrèges 50th anniversary.

Malcolm Mc Laren was a close friend of Elio Fiorucci. He began many movements in both the music and fashion world in London that started trends for decades on.

Manager of the Sex Pistols and former partner of Vivienne Westwood,

his ideas influenced NY, L.A., Tokyo and Paris.

In 1988 he wrote Deep in Vogue about culture and fashion crossover,

creating the Vogueing dance and song.

But here I am Vogueing pretty

In some club deep in this city

  Deep in Vogue, Deep in Vogue

                    Imagine runway modelling, in freeze frame

                 At the ball that’s what they call Vogueing

Elio’s list of best friends now seems important but then

it was as outsiders making waves and having fun.

Here some best friends: Andy Warhol who at the opening of Fiorucci New York

wrote “I like everything here…it is all plastic”,

Keith Haring who came to Milano to decorate the Fiorucci shop,

Basquiat of whom Fiorucci funded the movie New York Beat

(to become Downtown 81),

Ettore Sottsass, Oliviero Toscani and Malcom McLaren among others.

Oliviero Toscani honored Elio by reading the poem Beginners,  by Walt Whitman,

the visionary American poet.

It is true that when you are the first, at the beginning of it,
you are the only one who understands it.
 Oliviero knows this from his photographs, Elio from his vision for Fiorucci.
And I think they recognize each other somehow.  At least that is what I thought
when I see them together the other night.
 They share their own language and this poem.


Maripol worked and traveled as art director for Fiorucci.

Polaroid  is a great invention that she, like Warhol used as “voyeurs” of their times.

They took thousands of portraits of all this world of fashion, music, film and art.

Maripol became the stylist for friend Madonna on the Like a Virgin video

that rocked the music scene.

On Friday evening Elio Fiorucci was honored by the Circolo Filologico of Milano.

For 130 years they have honored those who have brought new ideas

into the culture from language, science and the arts.

In 1967 when Elio opened his Fiorucci store in Galleria Passerella something

changed in the conservative fashion scene here in Milano. At this time in London

Biba was the fresh fashion reference and in Milano there was Gulp –

but nothing existed in Milano or anywhere else like the store that Elio Fiorucci built.

The San Babila store had three floors of novelties

and things you couldn’t find anywhere else.

More importantly, everything was an original. The prize he received on Friday

evening was more than deserved. Grazie Elio for your vision.

Posted on: Sunday, February 12th, 2012

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