This afternoon in Seoul I have turned a table in the café next to the patio

and the books of 10 Corso Como Cheongdam into my desk. This feels very

natural to do. I am not here often so it is a wonderful feeling to be comfortable

and at home seeing things I know and the many familiar faces.

Since opening 10 Corso Como Cheongdam three years ago, Chef Ahn has created

a stellar ambiance and cuisine for our visitors. Thank you! And thank you also for

the box lunch you prepared for Kris and I on our way to Hong Kong. It was delicious.

It is a Korean tradition at Café Bark to serve Irish whisky on the “rocks”

that have been carved and polished to a thing of beauty.

We had a great reception at 10 Corso Como Cheongdam for the presentation

of Ali Hewson Edun Collection for Spring 2012. The project supports the work Ali

and Bono do in Africa to create economic opportunites through fashion.

Here Kate, Ali, Janice, Vicky…and Kris  sharing a moment at the show.

Next year!  March 2012 – this will be our sign?

The first issue is light! Department store windows are rare.  We are looking

everywhere behind the walls to find windows and bring some light to

10 Corso Como – Avenue L. Milano has light and gardens in the courtyard;

we have a garden with fountains in Cheongdam. How have our eco

friendly feeling on a 5th floor with no natural lights and windows?

For those of you who have not been here, Seoul is very large and 10 Corso Como

has the opportunity to open in another space on the opposite side of town.

It is on the 5th floor of of Avenue L, the exclusive building of Lotte, one of

Korea’s iconic shopping  venues, so is quite a challenge to design

in 10 Corso Como  style. On the  flight from Shanghai to Seoul Kris looking out the

window – maybe this is an omen? We will find windows in our new challenge project?

Before leaving Shanghai we visited this amazing unexpected building in the center of Shanghai. While many of the older buildings are being replaced,

the Sino-Russian Friendship building, a Russian interpretation of classical architecture built in 1954, sits like a wedding cake surrounded by glass skyscrapers!

The new and old side by side in Shanghai.

Posted on: Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

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